If curiosity quivers, we poke it. If a barrier taunts us, we smash it. If they say no, it’s a hell yes.

Cahoots is a creative concept to unshackle your inner awesome and change the world from right here at the very bottom of it. In a word, it’s a group. In reality, it’s epic people making epic shit and sharing it in epic ways.


Get in Cahoots.

Invercargill is full of brave and brilliant people doing creative things here in the South. My cunning plan is to connect them all in the spirit of collaboration and hang out with talented humans.

Those in Cahoots grow small businesses (ours, and other people’s) while having a ball. Join us if you’re a freelancer, a founder, an entrepreneur or a good sort giving something a go.



Cahoots is constantly changing and evolving, so if you have an idea or want to share your skills with others, please email me.